A Groundbreaking Architecture Built for AI

Mythic developed a unique AI compute platform that enables effective surveillance systems, smart appliances, powerful machine vision systems, commercial drones, brilliant robotics, and more. With unmatched performance and power efficiency, the Mythic platform allows AI designers to deploy in form factors that were previously out of reach.

Key features include:

Low latency: Always running with batch size of 1

Power-efficient: Best-in-class TOPS/W

Ease of use: Supports standard platforms, frameworks, and DNN’s

The Mythic AMP™ is based on a unique tile-based AI compute architecture that features three fundamental hardware technologies – Compute-in-Memory, Dataflow Architecture, and Analog Computing.

For AI developers, Mythic delivers the hardware, software tool kit, and trained neural networks to ease deployment in edge devices.

The Mythic AMP features an array of tiles that blend familiar concepts and new breakthrough technology to deliver unmatched performance, power, and flexibility. Each tile has a Mythic ACE™ to store bulky neural network weights, local SRAM memory, a single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) unit for processing operations not handled by the ACE, and a nano-processor for controlling the sequencing and operation of the tile. The tiles are interconnected with an efficient on-chip router network, which facilitates the dataflow from one tile to the next. On the edge of the Mythic AMP™, off-chip connections provide an interface to the host system.

Mythic software provides the necessary tools, bridging t­he gap between popular training frameworks like PyTorch and highly constrained edge and server deployments on the Mythic AMP™. The Mythic Optimization Suite solves a significant customer pain point by converting the neural network to an 8-bit representation, while preserving accuracy in the analog compute domain. The Mythic Graph Compiler automatically generates machine code for our AMP, so developers do not have to worry about low-level implementation or optimization. Mythic host drivers are pain-free and lightweight, with support planned for most popular embedded and server operating systems.

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